Olive Elementary School fifth graders have been working on an Art/Science Fusion project at the Hamilton Wetlands Nursery.  These fifth grade students embarked upon a multi-faceted environmental and educational process last fall melding natural science, creative arts and public education on behalf of the Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project (HWRP). 

Partnering with Christina McWhorter, Native Plant Expert for the Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project, Ane Carla Rovetta, Terwilliger Environmental Educator of the Year, artist and zoologist, Pam Haessly and Marcus Okun from Novato Community TV, Novato Mayor Pat Eklund and the Novato Chamber of Commerce Leadership Team, this joint project is called ArtWorking with Our Wetlands with the intent of leaving a sustainable legacy for the current and future generations who will live here in Novato.  

The aim of the project is to:

  • inspire and instruct the students
  • create scientifically accurate student art work in the form of paintings, murals, and 3D art installations
  • tell the story of the ecological significance of the habitats, wildlife and restoration efforts of the HWRP
  • install art work along the SF Bay Trail at the Hamilton Wetlands
  • use recycled, reclaimed or sustainable created low-toxin materials
  • draw a public audience of thousands of visitors to the Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project (HWRP) site who want to learn more.

Novato Community TV, the Novato Chamber of Commerce Leadership Team and School Fuel is supporting this effort by promoting this project.  Check out these videos to learn more about this project ch

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