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Fifth Grade Students Visit Community Maker Space

Fifth Grade students took a field trip to the Hamilton Maker Space on April 22nd to create a hard plastic cover for their indigenous species sketches fusing reused plastic bags by applying heat from an iron. The Maker Space – Media Studio  is part of the Community Education Center located in Hamilton Field, South Novato, [...]

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Olive 5th Grade Fresco

Fresco created by Ane Carla Rovetta and Mrs. Rozoff's fifth grade students.  Each student researched and recreated an indigenous animal of the Hamilton Wetlands on a mural tile. Every part of the mural is made from recycled materials, including  the paints and glue which were created from  the milk protein, Casein. Even the fresco plaster [...]

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Artworking with the Wetlands

Olive Elementary School fifth graders have been working on an Art/Science Fusion project at the Hamilton Wetlands Nursery.  These fifth grade students embarked upon a multi-faceted environmental and educational process melding natural science, creative arts and public education on behalf of the Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project (HWRP).  This fresco was created by Ane Carla Rovetta [...]

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